TRIXBRIX Doppel-Lippen Weiche Links R104 | Left Double Slip Switch R104

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Diese Weiche ist ein Traum. Man kann einen vollen Kreis fahren oder einstellen, dass der Zug eine 8 Fährt. Mit dem R104 Radius kann man einen grösseren Radius fahren.
Die normalen LEGO® Schienen sind R40.

Englische Beschreibung vom Hersteller:

A true piece of art is the Trixbrix Double Slip Crossover! Build sophisticated and professional switchfields and crossovers.

There is a left and a right version. This is a right version. A right version connects to a switch Right. Using the proper version ensures a layout that is easy to connect and fun to build!

    • double slip switch with four independent switch points
    • allows for switching between tracks at a distance of 8 studs
    • connects to our other R104 switches perfectly
    • cross a few parallel tracks in a row by connecting 2 or more double slip switches in a series
    • the straight part is 2.5x straight track long (and a 1/2 straight track is included)
    • Spring-loaded switch mechanism that allow trains to enter from the opposite side regardless of the switch setting (trailing point movement).
    • studs on top and holes in the bottom
    • Dark Bluish Gray color (same as orginal).