TRIXBRIX Weiche Stern R40 | Wye Switch R40

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Diese R40 Weiche ist der gleiche Radius wie von LEGO®. Sie geht von beiden Seiten im gleichen Winkel auseinander.

Englische Beschreibung vom Hersteller:

  • have more possibilities than the original Lego switches
  • build rail yards with ease
  • build 2 diverging tracks that go perfectly perpendicular with R40 curve geometry as shown in the pictures
  • build 2 parallel track with a distance of 8 Lego dots from the base track which guarantees a safe passing without collisions (the same geometry as the original Lego switch)
  • combine the above and build one parallel and one perpendicular turnouts
  • contains 6 elements
    • a switch section with 2 spring mechanisms
    • a detach section with smooth rail guides
    • 2 R40 curved half tracks
    • 2 connectors (left and right) used for parallel setup and a single crossover
  • Combine 2 Wye Switches to build a crossover as shown in the pictures (sold separately)
  • completely redesigned geometry with sleepers, studs and holes for a more realistic look
  • color: dark bluish gray