TRIXBRIX Kreuzung Rechts 22 Grad R104 | Right Crossing 22 deg. R104

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Diese Kreuzung wird von LEGO® nicht produziert. Bitte den R104 Winkel beachten!

Englische Beschreibung vom Hersteller:

  • crossing with the same geometry as our Double Slip Switch R104
  • allows for crossing between tracks at a distance of 8 studs
  • connects to our other R104 switches perfectly
  • cross a few parallel tracks in a row by connecting 2 or more crossings in a series
  • right version
  • the straight part is 2.5x straight track long (and a 1/2 straight track is included)
  • studs on top and holes in the bottom 
  • color: dark bluish gray