TRIXBRIX Kurven R72 8 Stück, Viertel Kreis | Curved Track R72, 8x, Quarter Circle

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Dieses Schienen-Set ist für einen viertel Kreis. Der Radius (R72) ist 72 Noppen gross. Die normalen LEGO® Schienen sind R40. Aus Spritzguss.

Englische Beschreibung vom Hersteller:

  • 8 curved tracks, a quarter circle
  • much better price than when buying separately
  • Injection molded part - glossy finish, super high quality and durability
  • It was designed taking into account all of the LEGO® geometric requirements which makes this part fully compatible with original LEGO® tracks and bricks.
  • Smoother than standard curves, for faster speeds.
  • To build a full circle you need 32 pieces.
  • A circle has a diameter of 121,6 cm / 3.99 ft.
  • Connects perfectly to Trixbrix and original tracks.
  • Dark Bluish Gray color (same as orginal).

Detailed explanation of R72 radius

The R72 is the radius measured from the center of the circle to the centerline between the rails using the LEGO® stud as the unit. LEGO® stud is 8mm. The space needed to have the full R72 circle can be calculated as follows: (72 + 4) * 2 * 8mm = 1216mm = 1.21m. This measures the diameter (2 * radius) of the outer shape of the track - that's why we added 4 studs in the formula.

In general, the formula for calculating the outer diameter of the track circle is:

(R + 4) * 2 * 8mm