TRIXBRIX Kreuzung Stern 22 Grad R104 | Star Crossing 22 deg. R104

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Build sophisticated layouts and switchfields with this 45 degrees R104 star crossing.

The R104 radius means you can easily connect R104 curves and switches to it and stay within absolute geometry keeping building railroads fun and easy.

  • Based on the overall geometry of our Double Slip Switch R104 and our 22deg. Crossings R104
  • Allows for crossing between tracks at a distance of 8 studs between tracks.
  • Connects to our R104 switches perfectly
  • The straight part is 2.5x straight track long (and 2 Half Straight Tracks are included)
  • Studs on top and holes in the bottom
  • Connects perfectly to Trixbrix and original tracks.
  • Dark Bluish Gray color (same as orginal).