TRIXBRIX Kreuzung Rechts 45 Grad | Crossing 45 deg. Right

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These crossings have a 45 degrees angle. This allows for making pass-throughs with R40 switches, crossovers and advanced switch fields.

This is a left version, which connects to a left switch. Using the proper left or right version ensures a layout that looks cool, is fun to build and easy to connect.

  • 2 tracks crossed at a 45 degree angle - Left version.
  • Use 2 crossings and a quarter straight or an original flexi track to cross through 2 parallel tracks separated by a distance of 8 studs like shown in the pictures.

  • Use a pass-trough adapter to connect these to R40 switches. (separately available)
  • The distance of 8 studs guarantees that trains pass each other safely without a collision.
  • Studs on top and anti-studs in the bottom
  • Dark Bluish Gray color (same as orginal)
  • This item is 100% compatible with all LEGO® train sets like: 60197, 60198, 60051, 60052, 60098, 7996, 7499, 7895, 60205, 60238

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